equipment manufacturing for crystal growth with Czochralski (Cz).
TAC can provide the scintillator LYSO crystal for PET.
TAC crystal growth furnace can provide a- and c- axis ingot.
Crystal Growth Furnace
Crystal Growth Furnace
Equipment Main Structure
  • High RF Frequency Regulator – used electronic components with the military grades, less electromagnetic interference from the system and more stable.
  • Furnace –compact, and convenient to observe the crystal growth.
  • Pulling machine – high precision to keep the crystal growth stable.
  • Control System – automatic diameter control (ADC) is used.
Crystal Growth Furnace
Sapphire Sapphire
Sapphire C - axis-  Al2O3
Diameter : 4”
Sapphire  A - axis - Al2O3
Diameter : 6”
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